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I’m cool with myself and I don’t care what you think

Nowadays people are more concerned with other’s life, than caring for their own; nowadays gossip is a „respectful activity”. People always try to criticize, to judge you for different reasons. They don’t realize that each person is an individual, a unique personality and this is because every person has his own ideas, dreams, points of view, perception of life, his own road or labyrinth with lots of obstacles, different experiences and knowledge that he achieves and all these have an important role in the creation of our personality. Each person has a distinctive, personal, concrete, imitable way of being, way of thinking and way of feeling. A person is too complex to be like someone else, as there are no identical leaves on a tree there are no identical personalities, even the twins…they look alike but they think different and have their own tastes of food, dress, etc.

That is why I have self-confidence, I know my limits, I have my own philosophy of life, my own religion, my own conception and I’m proud that I’m not like the others that try to look like somebody else – because I respect myself and love myself the way I am.

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