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If I were given the use of my eyes for just 3 days I would…

… look first of all at my mother and father who gave me life and take care of me. I want to imprint upon my mind the cute face of my mum, her beautiful and sweet eyes which are unique in the universe, her silky hair with which I was playing till I was asleep when I was little, her soft as velvet hands which embraced and swung me when I was crying. I would also view thoroughly my home where I spend my life because I want to know what tastes my parents have. After that I should invite to me all my dear friends to have fun together. We would go shopping because I want to see what’s happening in the world of fashion and to find out my clothing style. Then we should go to a disco to dance all the night, make some new friends and see the colorful lights.

The second day I would have a look at the pictures with different countries, animals and other different things. Then I would give a big party at home and would invite all my relatives and friends to have a good time together. In the evening I would look at the horizon to see the amazing colors of the sunset and wait until the night comes to see the heaven studded with stars and the moon that shines through the small stars. I should stay and look at it until the colorful sunrise comes.

After all these sights I should not be able to get back in the darkness, so full would be my mind of memories of those days. I’d be very very sad  but I’d be also thankful to God that gave me the opportunity to have those unforgettable memories.

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