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Management nowadays

Management is a system of conducting people in a company. It is not an easy job at all. It requires much effort. Management is an art, and at the same time it is a science. Only combining the art with the science the manager will be successful.

The art part of management consists of the ability of conducting people. The manager should be flexible, communicative, sociable, able to motivate the people and take quick decisions. These qualities will help the manager to be a good one. In order to be a successful manager he should use the science part here which consists of the ability of applying the ideas using different methods and techniques.

Management consists of four main components: Plan, Organize, Direct and Monitor. These four components are facts not skills which will help the manager to achieve his goal.

Nowadays management is known to have more structures: functional structure, pyramidal structure, line authority and matrix structure. The company and the manager can choose which structure to use so that the company could get more profit.

As a conclusion I can say that managers are many but not all of them are professional managers. A good manager is hard to find nowadays. A successful manager should always be informed and grow in performance. The different techniques used by the managers in different countries have lead to the appearance of the cultural management. This means that every manager should know different cultures and especially the culture of the country where his company is in order to produce the products according to local culture and people’s needs. Thus, I must say that management is not easy at all but it is an interesting job.

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