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A good lesson

It was Sunday and the train was crowded. David brown went into the carriage and looked for a place to sit down. He went along the aisle and on the left he saw a bench with only one man on it. On the seat near the man there was a small bag.

„Is this seat taken?” David Brown asked the man. „Yes, it is”, the man answered. „It’s my friend’s place. He went to buy some magazines. Here is his bag.” David Brown sat down on the bench. „I’ll get up when your friend comes”, he said.

After a while the train started, but the man’s friend did not come.

„Your friend probably missed the train”, David Brown said „Oh, but here is his bag! Let’s throw it to him!”

Saying this he got up, took the bag and threw it out of the window.

„Oh, my bag” shouted the man and jumped up from his seat.

But it was too late.

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