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The protection of the environment

The man has changed the world environment since his appearance, careless of the consequences. Today people are so numerous and so technologically powerful that the protection of the environment has become one of the biggest problems of the contemporary society.

To improve his living conditions, the man would use the resources of his environment paying little attention to negative consequences such as deforestation, water and air pollution. With the rapid development of science and technology and the explosion of the population, the need for new sources of energy has increased, but would not stop wasting the resources of his environment and affecting its harmony.

The protection of the environment is now closely connected to our efforts to survive and to improve the quality of life. A large number of publications are concerned with the protection of the environment: the international conferences show a growing interest in this problem. What will be required is intense collaboration by the best minds to find out the most efficient solutions to protect the resources of our environment and make our world a better place to live in.

Who lives Nature rarely can be poor;

Who lives to Fancy never can be rich;

Love had he found in huts where poor men lie;

His daily teachers had been woods and rills,

The silence that is in the starry sky,

The sleep that is among the lonely hills.

Man is a part of nature, he shares the world: the sun which shines, the rain which falls, the flowers and the grass that grow, the birds that sing, the trees which bear fruit, the blowing winds, the flowing streams, the moon giving soft and gentle light at night, the stars that twinkle in the sky, the golden sunshine, the velvety sky at night, the fluffy white clouds, the shore, the rocks, the sand and the sea, the fish, the stars in space, huge mountains, tall trees, rumbling thunder – admire all these and be happy. Nature feeds us: seeds are planted in the ground, rain makes them grow, the ripens the crops, then the farmers working on the field gathering the harvest, fishermen catching fish, people working in some factories and shops for our food…

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