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Report on vending machines in Moldova

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A vending machine is a coin-operated device which can be used to dispense a variety of consumer products and services. The idea is to vend products without a cashier. Items sold via vending machines are different from country to country and region. In many countries this became a very profitable business because it offers many advantages such as: immediate cash-flow, flexible hours – you are the boss, low overhead, no employees, no need to rent for an office, working from home, no bad checks, credit risks, accounts receivables, or other collection problems that typically plague business owners, no advertising cost etc.

Unfortunately, in Moldova vending machines business is not so widely spread. There are only a few products currently sold in VM such as toys, candies, coffee. These VM are placed in shopping centers, universities and are being used by kids or students mostly. There are also fortune VM placed in casinos and bus stations. Their clients are usually people who just want to try  their fortune or those who are depressed and want to spend their money hoping to get some more instead. New innovations in service VM include internet kiosks and DVD vending whose customers are usually the youth and busy people.

Very widely spread in Moldova became service VM which are placed at banks or shops and in most of the shopping centers and its customers are people who have a bank account.

These are just a few products that are distributed via VM in Moldova. I would suggest further products that could be distributed via VM like newspapers, cookies, fresh fruit, mild, cold food, and even frozen products like ice cream. Also there could be used healthy VM that offer a range of healthy beverage and snack products that are high in saturated fat and sugar. These VM could be placed in schools, universities, high traffic locations such as bus stations, shopping centers, airports and service stations.

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