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Possible reasons for saving money, importing goods, and taxation

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Everyone has asked himself at least once in his life should I save money or no and why? There are many reasons to begin saving money because this makes you a happier person and more sure about your future, and your children’s future.

There is no question that our relationship with money affects our happiness in a big way. How we feel about money affects all aspects of our lives: our sense of peace, freedom, security, satisfaction and even love. Not money should control us but we should control the money. Being a sensible and successful saver of money can enhance our self-esteem and increase our happiness. So here are some reasons why saving money will help us feel good:

  • You can expect the unexpected without fear. Emergencies happen to all of us – from job loss to a whole in the roof. Having an emergency fund brings peace of mind.
  • You can be ready when opportunity knocks. Your savings can give you a precious sense of freedom and independence. If an opportunity comes your way, you will have choices and chances – to change jobs, to move, to start a business, to invest. The feeling that you have choices can give u a sense of abundance and well-being.
  • You can make your dreams come true. One of the best reasons for saving is the exciting, confidence-building experience of setting financial goals and achieving them. When you achieve a goal, you prove to yourself how capable and competent you really are. you also become a good role model for your children who look to you for assurance that life is good and that dreams come true.

And the list why we should save money may continue. Another question that might arise is why should we import goods? There are a number of benefits to be gained by opting for an overseas supplier like:

1)      Lower priced goods – lower labor costs or a different tax regime may mean one country’s prices for a particular product are significantly lower than those in our country, for example.

2)      Higher quality finished products. Every country has its specialties and strengths. If you want the very best, it could be to your advantage to import from a particular country.

3)      Traditional skills and raw-materials. It makes sense to take advantage of traditional crafts and skills that have been carried on for generations in some cultures.

4)      Original products. Originality and authenticity are important in some markets if you want to keep ahead of your competitors.

These are the reasons for importing goods.

But why is taxation important? Here are some answers at this questions:

a)      Raising money. All governments need to raise money to pay for their expenditures.

b)      An instrument of social and economic policy. Governments can use taxes to promote certain social or economic policies by imposing higher or lower taxes on different activities.

c)      Control sector development. Because taxation influences the behavior of individuals and corporations, governments can use tax policy to influence the development of selected sectors of the economy.

Thus, I can say that taxation is very important because no state in the world would be able to exist without taxation.

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