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Management – an art or a science?

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There is a big question in the field of management that concerns many people who has deal with it. What is management? Is it an art or a science? Webster’s College Dictionary defines an art as „skill in conducting human activity” and science as „any skill or technique that reflects a precise application of facts or a principle”. Taking a look at these two definitions we make the conclusion that management is both art and science.

It is an art because we have to be creative, flexible, communicative with people, able to make quick decisions. Thus, we use ourselves and our abilities to motivate and inspire and manage people. At the same time management is also a science because in management we need to use different theories and techniques for application. Here comes the rational, logical and analytical thinking that we use to organize the resources and plan our activities for meeting specified objectives. It is a science as it has some principles in managing human resources. This science consists of four components: Plan, Organize, Direct and Monitor. These four things are facts and not skills. We may need the skills to apply them so we make the performance of the human resources more efficient and effective, so here where we combine the art with science in management.

Science of management without the skills cannot be applied. We need the skills where we can convince the human resources to apply our principle and work on the instructions of the management in a proper way where the company will meet its target.

As a conclusion I can say that the successful management requires both art and science as the structure applied very well throughout the process to ensure the ability and capacity of the company has been met with the extreme clarity and defined tasks that will split responsibility in a way that the company with the appropriate management will get the maximum from every factor and component of the company. This will never be achieved without the skill in applying the science of management.

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