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Love can move suns and stars

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Love may be called the big goddess and worthy of people’s and god’s admiration. There is truly big that thing whom are submitted all the people and the gods. The mind of people is submitted by Love. Love exists from the most distant age. It ravishes the things towards beauty and the ugly things. Love wakes up the things which sleep, it lights the dark things. It gives life to dead things and gives perfection to those which have some lacks.

The springs of true love are in a size in which thinking does not have access and human mind, however much wonderful would be cannot include and understand it through quality that are typical of it.

Love has no boundaries. In its face all the people are equal. It is the only passion whics is paied with a coin made by itself. This feeling which is at the life’s basis can win the time and can defeats the death. Love makes you to live dieing and to die living. It rises you in heaven but also it throws you in chasms. Love gives power and at the same time brings pain. It is like the war: begins easy but ceases very hard. It is neither art, nor science; it is a instinct of the soul. It is silent and speaks only through deeds. Love is the most tender feature of humanity.

Love is the decision to make your problems my problems.

Love is all we love, is the only way to help one another.

                                                         The course of the true love have never been evenly.

Love is the history of women’s life and only an episode in men’s life.

The lovers’ quarrels are a renew of their love.

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