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Beggars cannot be choosers

decembrie 23, 2011 Lasă un comentariu Go to comments

Beggars can be people with disabilities or poor people who sometimes don’t have even a small house where to live. Such people are a laud for the society. They live a hard life. Many people inherit an indifferent, disrespectful attitude towards them. Some children who love to have fun take the mickey on them.

The disabled can’t get well paid jobs and be fully accepted by the society. And to live they must beg. Nobody wants to take care of them because nowadays everybody cares just of himself. Nobody tries to help them: to open a centre for these people where they could live, eat and could have the necessary medical care. There are some centers like that but they are not enough for all the disabled people.

There are disable who have talent in a certain domain. But they don’t have the possibility to develop it because nobody wants to have deal with them. They say: „He is a disabled. What can he do? I don’t need such a man in my company”. And sometimes they don’t know what they lose.

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