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An advice to a foreign business person coming to Moldova to negotiate with local companies

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The Republic of Moldova is considered more and more to be a safe and positive destination for investments. It is a country that trully implements different reforms for making the economical and capital investments grow.

In order to negotiate with our country a foreign businessman should know that the RM has privileged relations with Romania, sister-country, that has the same history and language. It develops the economic integration and consolidates the common cultural and European space. Romania supports by all means the efforts of integration of the RM in european structures at international level. Also he should know that the attraction of direct foreign investments has a great importance for the economy of RM, as it is for each country. It has benefited of many loans from intrenational financial-banking structures, as well as from states like the USA, Germany, China, Japan, Romania and other countries.

To negotiate with companies from RM the foreign business person should have a presentation showing the profile of the company and how great its performances are. the presentation should not be too long. Will be better if the presentation is consisted of more short presentations where should be included realistic exercises that will keep the other persons participating at negociation focused on program objectives. Thus, the heavily interactive nature of the presentation will give participants lots of opportunities to practice and refine the negotiation skills.

The foreign businessman should emphasise how experienced they are in their field. Also he should demonstrate the benefits of the others from such a cooperation. Very important are self-confidence and good appearance.

Following these simple rules, the businessman might get the right to invest in our country.

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