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A nice story

Decembrie 23, 2011 Lasă un comentariu Go to comments

Once there lived a good, honest shoemaker. The times became hard and he got so few orders and he got so few money that he had enough leather for only one pair of shoes. He wanted to get up early in the morning and make the pair of shoes. When he woke up he saw the shoes all ready on his worktable. He was very much surprised.

„Am I dreaming? Did I make them during the night?”, he exclaimed.

In the afternoon a customer came in and was so pleased with the shoes that he paid more than the shoemaker expected to get. With the money the shoemaker bought leather for two pairs of shoes. He went to bed early. In the morning he found two pairs of shoes again on his worktable. He was very happy. Again he sold them quickly and got more money for them.

Every morning the shoemaker found some pairs of shoes ready on his worktable. Soon he became rich but he was still kind and honest and he has never forgotten the hard times he’d passed through.

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