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When do people lose respect?

Many people want to be strong personalities because nowadays in most cases these people gain respect. Some of them try to impose themselves by sound knowledge, others by power, some by authority, others by violence. There is such a need today to be approved of, to be accepted. Now people are less respected for good behavior or for a correct speech.

Today you are respected if you are rich. But if after a while you have ruined people will not talk to you as if they didn’t know you.

Such people as the poor, the disabled, people of a different religion or political beliefs, elders are not respected and sometimes they are discriminated against. They can’t get well-paid jobs and be fully accepted by the society.

Many inherit an indifferent, disrespectful attitude towards these groups of people and don’t even try to find out by themselves whether it is right or not. If my parents disregarded the poor why should I care about them? If my neighbor avoids the disabled why should I be concerned about them? And the list may continue. It is easier this way. You don’t feel responsible. But the question is: how would you feel if you were one of them?

To be a human means to be a responsible person.

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