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“What sculpture is to a block of marble education is to the soul” Joseph Addison

Education represents an important chapter for each human being’s life. To educate is harder than to study because child’s education is an art. The parents model for their baby the future HUMAN.

First of all you have to be yourself educated that you would be able to educate somebody. To do a sculpture that will speak about it all the people and for a long time you have to be a skillful sculpture with gold hand, so is with education.

Education is an activity being a spiritual and intellectual field above all, make up from the values which were produced by the mankind lengthways of the centuries. Education represents the natural state of each person, in which he enters at birth and in which he is let down only at death.

Education depends not only of the parents. The man is always urged – by family, relatives, friends, and teachers – by the whole mankind – to become better. It is necessary to be better. It is good to help each other to become better, it means to realize always, anywhere and fully the act of education, not to let happen the degradation of the human being, of his life and of the society in which every person is created like a human being.

The games, verbal communication, the news-papers, the magazines and the books, the television, the literature and the arts – all of them have an influence on people’s education. Some of them will try to imitate what they saw or what they heard.

Education also needs for human, material and financial resources. If the person will be unemployed he will not have money and he will not have what to eat. As a result he will begin to steal or even to kill. The perfect character of education is extending because of his universality on all the spheres of the life and of the society. We suffer of hunger, of misery and sickness not because of the lack of the food and of some harmful natural conditions. We suffer because of the people that were educated on negative principles. Education is the only human activity that can opposes to negative principles of mankind.

People’s education is a process which continues all the life. The changing of human being through education takes place for the whole life an d it may produced anytime and anywhere.

Education is realized on those reasons which generate and give sense to the literature, to the art and to the religions. The difference is that education is more responsible of the evil from the world than the art and the religion. Because education can be so powerfully in the producing of the evil, so like in the producing of good. The base on education is sent on the Good, the Beauty, the Truth, the Justice and of the Liberty – these are fundamental values of the mankind above which lasts always the Sacredness.

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