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“Our lives are shaped by those who love us” John Powell

Life is wonderful and is given to us just once and we have to live it nice because to leave it pretty good, but the beautiful life. Every human being has friends and a family who wish him the best and who have an influence upon him because a person many times considers other’s opinions. When someone dear tells him to do something he will proceed like that person advised him not to make him angry or sad.

The life of each human being is shaped by his parents. As a result between children and their parents appear conflicts. Sometimes the parents tell something but they do something else.

The parents love us and probably are the only ones who wish for us all good from the world. Many times we don’t understand this but when we will become parents and then we will pass through such an experience.

But friends’ influence not always leads us to the right way. This depend much on the style of friends’ life whom we have and of surely you. If they smoke, drink or drug themselves they will tell you to do the same things. Not to become like them we have to be strong or to meet new friends.

The whole life is a battle and no step forward is done without difficulties. The real pleasure of the life is overcoming the difficulties. The life should be lived as it is because it was given us without our will and it will be taken from us without our permission.

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