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Generation Gap

Nowadays in every family exist misunderstandings, contradictions and conflicts. Actually, these problems have always existed.

Parents and children of any age can have different point of view over just about anything. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and different point of view about any subject that is brought up because teenagers nowadays are very much different of the teenagers from the olden days. The world makes proggres. The time changes and many things are not like 30-40 years ago. Nowadays teenagers tend to become independent and free as they grow up, thus creating a wide gap between themselves and their parents. Teenagers demand independence because they tend to go against their parents – their words and their advice. And the more their parents forbid them of doing something and the more they give their children freedom, the more rebellious they will get, and this widens the generation gap further. However, during the time when they grow-up, teenagers are less mature in their thoughts and have no life experience and they tend to disagree with their parents most of the time. For example, a girl wants to go to a party. Her mother tells her to be careful and not to stay too late. But the girl may oppose her mother’s advice by giving reasons like she is big enough to make her own decisions and that she is not a little girl anymore. But we forget one thing: for our parents we will always be their little kids.

Teenager will behave like that until they will get a job and will have responsabilities. This will make them more mature starting to experience what the real world is – struggling to earn their own bread. As a result, they will finally understand that their parent’s advice to them when they were just teenagers were more than just words coming from an adult’s mouth.

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