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Watch what you say – stay away from hurt words

Word was that who set us free from the handcuffs of animals life. It is a way of expressing our thoughts, joys, wishes, our feelings to the whole world through the words you may see the human’s soul and to know him better.

For human being the words are a more dangerous gun than a knife because sometimes they can make you happy, but sometimes they can hurt u very deep, especially when they were said out of anger. If they were said, there is no way to get them back. As you cannot stop the thrown stone so you cannot stop the spoken word. It is not good at all to say hurt words because the wound done of them will not be healed like a knife wound. There are moments when even a word not said at his place can make your life awful. But a good word said kindly has the power to open iron doors, to melt a stone heart and sometimes can be a way of healing a sick soul.

That’s why you must always watch what you say and stay away from hurt words. Before saying something, first of all think about the consequences and don’t let your mouth to say something you didn’t want to.

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  1. vadyk
    Ianuarie 14, 2008 la 2:23 pm

    ponta cleova pe nota zece

  2. marianai
    Ianuarie 15, 2008 la 1:36 pm


  3. Martie 3, 2008 la 8:49 pm


  4. marianai
    Martie 9, 2008 la 10:36 am

    ur welcome

  5. Olgutza
    Ianuarie 20, 2009 la 8:24 pm

    klasna… exact ce-mi trebuia

  6. Nicolae
    Martie 30, 2009 la 3:13 pm

    Bune ganduri asa ceva nea dat noua pe acasa la limba engleza cred ca o sa il scriu

  7. Ianuarie 13, 2010 la 2:44 pm

    holy shit !! this is an very interesting text!!

  8. nu imorta )
    Ianuarie 18, 2011 la 3:30 pm

    yay…iata si eseul meu la engleza ;D

  9. Grigore
    Ianuarie 29, 2012 la 4:38 pm

    Multumesc de compunere, anume asta caut dar voi schimba cite ceva si ma voi orienta la mai multe…

  10. Pokemon
    Februarie 26, 2012 la 8:12 pm

    am fost la lectia e engleza , si mai mult de jumate de clasa erau cu acest eseu((

    • Ianuarie 23, 2014 la 9:33 pm

      Eu scriu acuma acest eseu nu da Doamne sa il mai aiba cineva ca il impusc😀
      Sper ca profa nu va prins ca ati avut multi acelasi eseu…in caz ca ati raspuns mai multi.

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