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„It is not possible for civilization to flaw backward while there is youth in the world” (Keller)

The youth is the bedrock of society as the family is too and this can be proved by the fact that the youth mirrors the ramifications of the society within which it leaves; it shares class and group loyalties; it engages in struggles for the realization and defense of concrete social ideals and interests. Their vigor enables them to be the most active transmitters of ideas and skills. The stage of youth is one of assimilating knowledge of all kinds. Avidly searching for a rational understanding of the surrounding world the youth therefore displays curiosity, rebelliousness, impassioned and uncontrolled enthusiasm; it quickly forms judgments as it abandons others. Such a stage is crucial in the molding of stable social being. To mold and socialize the youth, that is the creation of their personality and introducing it into social practice is a two-way process – on the one hand young people gradually apply in a creative way and further the experience they have acquired. Thus the youth are the object of social influence and the subject of historical process. They assimilate the experience of previous generations, not as passive receivers; they creatively modify it, enrich accordance with the requirements of their time, and the specific features of a given social moment.

Keller said it good that it is not possible for civilization to flow backward while there is youth in the world because due to them we live in a modern technology world. And this happens because they have new creative ideas, different points of view.

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